Istlondon was founded by John William Micklethwaite in 2013 as a sub brand of MLJ Design Co; in 2013.


After a tough two year period working on new colours and shapes; the brand opened itself up to buyers for the first time in August 2014 in Alacati (a lovely rural village in Turkey) where many local (as well as foreign) tourists visit every year. Istlondon Porcelain (made via a process called slip-casting) are all individually hand made; each process requiring specialist craftmenship, from the mould work, right up to the time they enter the kiln. This hand process gives Istlondon Porcelain products a lovely natural shape and allows us to produce very fine and thin porcelain.


As a brand, we only work with the finest quality materials such as the worldwide famous Limoges Porcelain (which comes from LImoges, France), as well as Mont Blanc Porcelain.


The Mont blanc is used because it has an adorable whiteness and finess to it that reflects the light perfectly, although it is tough to use in the handmade process. At Istlondons design team, we are all inspired by big heart warming family tables and we believe that today a beautiful tablesetting is just as important as its always been. W love bringing that amazing country feeling right to your tables with our two special ranges; Townhouse and Country.

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