Extra Mini Sahring Bowl Country

Small Sharing bowl Country

Medium Sharing Bowl Country

8cm Deep Sharing Bowl Country

10cm Deep Sharing Bowl Country

13cm Deep Sharing Bowl Country

8cm Deep Sharing Bowl Townhouse

11cm Deep Sharing Bowl Townhouse

14cm Deep Sharing Bowl Townhouse

Noodle and Soup Bowl Country

Noodle and Soup Bowl Townhouse

Ceral Bowl Country

Ceral Bowl Townhouse

Souffle Bowl

Confectionary bowl

Pudding Bowl

Ice Cream Bowl

Desert Bowl Townhouse

Starter Bowl

Deep Food Platter Country

Large Service Bowl Country

Extra Deep Service Bowl Country

Large Service Bowl Townhouse

Deep Service Bowl Townhouse

Extra Large Service Bowl Townhouse

Deep Starter Bowl Townhouse

Medium sized Salad Bowl

Large sized Salad Bowl

Extra Large sized Salad Bowl

Istlondon Porcelain is made via a process called slip-casting. We only work with the finest quality materials such as the worldwide famous Limoges Porcelain (which comes from LImoges, France). Istlondon was founded by John William Micklethwaite in 2013 as a sub brand of MLJ Design Co; in 2013.


Address: Bebek mh. Küçük Bebek cd. No:60 PK:34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye    E-posta: