Bread Plate Country

Starter Plate Country

Main Course Deep Town House

Charger Plate

Rectangular Tray Small

Rectangular Tray Large

Small desert/ Breakfast Plate Country

Large Desert/ Breakfast Plate Country

Desert/ Breakfast Plate Townhouse

Large Deep Bowl

Deep Rectangular Serving Platter

Large Rectangular Serving Platter

Main Course Medium Country

Main Course Large Country

Istlondon Porcelain is made via a process called slip-casting. We only work with the finest quality materials such as the worldwide famous Limoges Porcelain (which comes from LImoges, France). Istlondon was founded by John William Micklethwaite in 2013 as a sub brand of MLJ Design Co; in 2013.


Address: Bebek mh. Küçük Bebek cd. No:60 PK:34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye    E-posta: